RAMA        10.45
Your choice topped with peanut-chili sauce over a bed of cooked spinach.

GARLIC        10.45
Your choice with broccoli and carrot in garlic & pepper sauce.

GINGER        10.45
Your choice sauteed with fresh ginger, onion, bell pepper, carrot, and mushroom

GREEN BEAN        10.45
Your choice sauteed with fresh green bean, bell pepper, basil leave, and chili.

Your choice sateed with assorted vegetables and bean thread noodle

SWEET & SOUR        10.45
Your choice with cucumber, tomato, celery, pineapple, bell pepper, sesame, onion in sweet & sour sauce.

BASIL        10.45
Your choice sauteed with onion, mushroom, bell pepper, and basil leave.

COCONUT CHICKEN        10.95
Broiled tender chicken breast topped with exotic coconut milk sauce.

CASHEW NUT        10.75
Choice of meat sauteed with cashew nut, broccoli, carrot, baby corn, onion, bell pepper, dried chili.

BROCCOLI LOVER        10.45
Choice of meat and bell pepper, broccoli sauteed with garlic and bean sauce.

TAMARIND        10.75
Your choice sauteed with onion, bell pepper, mushroom, cashew nut in tangy tamarind chili sauce

Grilled marinated boneless chicken breasts serves over a bed of fresh spinach and topped with creamy sesame-lime sauce and crispy basil leaves

Golden brown battered chicken or fried tofu glazed with garlic chili sauce, on the bed of steamed vegetables, topped with crispy basil

OYSTER SAUCE        10.45
Your choice sauteed with broccoli, carrot, baby corn, onion, bell pepper in oyster sauce