SPRING ROLLS        7.95
Crispy stuffed vegetable rolls served with sweet & sour chili sauce.

FRESH ROLLS        8.50
Mixed greens and tofu rolled up with thin rice wrapper, served with tamarind-peanut-sesame dipping sauce.

SA-TAY        9.50
Grilled marinated chicken on bamboo skewers, marinated with coconut milk and curry powder, served with peanut sauce, pickled cucumber, and toast.

FISH CAKE        9.75
Ground fish blended with curry paste, green beans, egg, and lime leaves, deep-fried. Topped with crispy basil and sided with crushed peanut sweet & sour cucumber sauce.

HOT WINGS        9
Crispy chicken wings tossed with sweet and hot sauce.

CRISPY CALAMARI        10.95
Battered then fried calamari, served with hot sauce.

ROTI        7.95
Flat bread served with yellow curry with onion, potato, peas, carrot